Our department is currently made up of six classes. Each class has at least one teacher and two teaching assistants. We also have a strong intervention and therapy team who assess and deliver specific aspects of a child’s education. The classes are taught by Abi Gaskell, Emma Watson, Megan Travis, Amy Robinson, Joanne Skelhorn. 

Department Lead- Abi Gaskell 


  Abi Gaskell                                                Laura Balenski             Megan Travis

       Jessica Stephens                                        Amy Robinson            Joanne Skelhorn



Abi Gaskell- Class Teacher & Department Lead- gaskella@elmtree.lancs.sch.uk

Laura Balenski- Class Teacher- balenskil@elmtree.lancs.sch.uk

Megan Travis- Class Teacher - travism@elmtree.lancs.sch.uk

Jessica Stephens- Class Teacher- stephensj@elmtree.lancs.sch.uk

Amy Robinson - Class Teacher - robinsona@elmtree.lancs.sch.uk

Joanne Skelhorn- Class Teacher skelhornj@elmtree.lancs.sch.uk


We use 'Class Dojo' as a department to communicate/share photos with our parents/carers. Please contact your child's class teacher on the email above to receive an invitation for the app.

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