Welcome to Enlighten Pathway!

The Enlighten pathway caters for children within KS2 who have a range of social, emotional and mental health needs. In Enlighten, we make sure that our children feel happy, feel safe and have their needs met. We teach our children the National Curriculum alongside life skills in order to prepare them for their future. As part of our every day, we encourage the children to work and play together in order to develop social interaction by building upon resilience, cooperation and respect. We hope this page gives you a glimpse into the Enlighten pathway and all it has to offer.

TT Rockstars

ICT Games - Maths

Bitesize Maths

Coolmath Games

Go Noodle

Just Dance

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Super Simple Songs

Dough Disco

Finger Exercises

Tiny Happy People Families


Remembrance Day

As part of our work surrounding Remembrance Day some of our pupils have created the following Acrostic Poems, we were impressed with the high quality and wanted to share their fantastic efforts. 

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